Candle Wax Spill on Carpeting

Candle wax spilled in carpetingA candle wax spill in carpeting is not the end of the world. Although it requires a lot of patience to remove properly. There are basically two stages to removal. Cutting the excess wax out and then heating the remainder with an iron (hence, the “patience” part). To start, put some ice in a sandwich bag and “freeze” the area as much as possible. This helps stiffen the wax. Then with a butter knife break out as many chunks as you can and flatten the area. Now you’re ready to make the money. This part is best achieved using a paper grocery bag. Cut the grocery bag in a long single ply section. Put the grocery bag on one end directly over the wax, place a warm iron (enough to melt wax, but try not to burn the carpet!) and gently warm the area enough so the wax is sucked up into the paper, then slide the bag to a new section and repeat. Once the wax is removed you can finish the area by just touching up the area with spot cleaner then vacuum. Voila! A job well done!


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