Effective Spot Cleaning

Bleach Spot

Bleach spot from a retail carpet spotter

Watch Out For Spot Cleaners being sold on the market. Besides getting little to no results, they may leave a soapy, powdery or foamy base that resoils quickly. These cleaners also have a tendency to yellow and may help stains reappear. Some of these products have also been known to irreversibly Bleach Carpet! Spot cleaning your carpet is best accomplished by using a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water, in the absence of CitruSolution spotter. There are exceptions, for example, use COLD water on blood spots, nail polish remover for nail polish, white wine usually works well with red wine spots. Kool-Aid, medicine spills and other food dyes must be blotted from the carpet immediately and rinsed as much as possible. Many spots can be removed with proper and timely treatment. Call us for advice before attempting to clean an area.

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