What makes CitruSolution different from other processes?

Carpet Buffer

Carpet Buffing Wicks Up Dirt While Neutralizing Stains

Product, Process and Price. Our proprietary citrus cleaner is second to none for neutralizing tough stain situations. The difference in process starts with spraying the carpets with CitruSolution. We use a backpack sprayer to accomplish this, which means there are no hoses being dragged through the house. The sprayer also allows for just enough solution to work and does not saturate carpets, thus allowing for fast dry times (carpets usually dry in a couple of hours). The carpet scrubbing system is effective at wicking up pet hair, dust and other soils while simultaneously activating the citrus over stains, thus relieving the need for an extra charge for stain removal. Material is then removed from the area with an extremely efficient hospital-grade vacuum. So, the end result is a freshly vacuumed room that looks great and has that pleasant citrus scent.

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