Do You Deep Clean?

Water Soaked Carpet PadThe short is answer is “No”, we believe you wind up with a better cleaning without disturbing areas below the carpet backing. This is mostly based on the premise that to reach those deep areas you will have to saturate the carpeting. Keeping the deep areas of your carpet wet for an extended period of time may pose problems with the potential for mold growth, not to mention wetting an area that has all the glues and binders that hold your carpet together. Carpet saturation may also provide the path needed to re-introduce old stains that may wick back up to the surface. Additionally, new soils are also continually introduced into the depths of carpeting since gravity will always force these particles down to eventually settle in the pad.

What CitruSolution provides to handle this situation is a “Clean Layer” that separates you from the rest of the contaminants in your carpet.  The process itself concentrates on cleaning just the carpet fiber, not the backing, to create this layer. Let CitruSolution provide a healthy solution to the dirt that lies below.

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  1. Much appreciated for the information and share!

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