Is There Hope For Gum?

Sticky Gum

Sticky Gum

There’s all sorts of advice when doing a general internet search for gum removal. I’ve heard of a lot of things from “icing” it to smearing peanut butter on it. Whatever method you use be prepared to put a little “elbow grease” into it. I have run across a product though that seems to work really well at breaking down gum for full removal and so far it appears that it doesn’t matter how much it has hardened or how long it has been in the carpet. Tea tree oil seems to do the trick. I use a product from the Melaleuca brand of products called Sol-U-Mel. For gum spots I pour a little bit on the gum, wait a minute then put a little bit on a terry towel cloth and start rubbing the spot in a circular motion. You will see the gum starting to break up almost immediately. I also reapply the Sol-U-Mel throughout the process, enough to get the job done. Some of it will stick to the towel so make sure you’re using a rag for this. Results are great and I like the fact that this is a natural product. If you need a referral you can contact me for a great Melaleuca rep.

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