Can You Clean Berber?

Berber CarpetWhy do mainstream carpet cleaners charge extra for berber? …because they can (according to them). There are so many reasons why the cleaning industry has added difficulty with berber, but the CitruSolution process is not just any process. Let’s first look at the basics of berber to clarify. Basically, the looped design makes a good choice for carpeting due to it’s natural resistance to dirt. However, the material choice really determines the effectiveness of it’s hardiness. Wool is the best, but extremely expensive. It is stain resistant and crush-proof which makes it the choice of champions. Nylon is a quick second, but because it is man-made it unfortunately has an affinity for oils. The cheaper versions are olefin and polyester, which not only attract oils but are not crush-proof. Typical cleaning issues with berber arise from saturation (as with other carpet types) and ineffectiveness with oils. Since the CitruSolution process is, by design, low moisture and contains a natural “degreaser” it works well with all types of berber. It also has a tendency to reverse oxidation, which normally brightens colors. Here’s the clincher… because we are not using anything than the normal process to clean berber, we don’t need to charge you for anything extra! A budget process AND a job well done. Let us know if we can help.

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