Are You Disinfecting Properly?

ThymeMost companies employ steam cleaning equipment to clean carpets but are they disinfecting properly? To disinfect with that type of system you can use chemical additives or straight steam vapor. Obviously, steam vapor is more appealing since you negate the issue of using potentially harmful chemicals to get the job done. The key word here though is “Steam Vapor”. The water needs to not only be properly heated above the threshold temperature but also allow enough time to let the disinfection process begin. It is a hard combination even for professionals to get right. CitruSolution’s approach is much simpler. The key is using an extract taken from Thyme. Thyme is a wonderful herb to cook with and use as a disinfectant. Who knew! Benefect® is a wonderful addition to our cleaning process. It is registered with the EPA (which gives it legal binding to be listed as a hospital-grade disinfectant) while listing no cautions for use… not even an MSDS. It’s simple, It’s effective, It’s from nature… sometimes we just don’t know how good our earth is to us!


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