What Makes CitruSolution Valuable?

Dont Rinse After Shampoo, See How Well That WorksThe value of CitruSolution lies in it’s effectiveness. Since this process breaks down soap, it is mostly without the problems that these type processes leave behind. First of all, CitruSolution contains no soap, so colors stay vibrant and no sticky residue is left behind. More specifically, soap has a tendency to “yellow” over time. This actually produces a dulling effect on colors in your carpet. Soapy sticky residue refers to the fact that this leads to carpets actually getting dirtier faster. Part of our slogan says “Stays Cleaner Longer” which assures our customers there’s nothing sticky here. Paul Romanick, the inventor of CitruSolution, has a number of sayings that illustrate the CitruSolution process so well (CitruSolution owners call them “Paul-isms”), “If you think Shampoo is good for your carpet, next time you shampoo your hair don’t rinse and see how well that works”. Thanks Paul for the great advice!

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