How Do I Prep For A Cleaning?

Carpet and FurnitureThere are two things to consider when getting ready for your carpet cleaning, furniture moving and vacuuming. I always tell my clients before I get there to go ahead and move as much as you can off the carpet. Heavy items such as entertainment centers, bookcases, beds, dressers, etc. normally remain in place and I clean around those items. I do carry furniture sliders with me, so I do have the capability to slide a couch or chair back and forth in a room while I clean if needed. Pre-vacuuming the carpet most of the time isn’t needed. There are some specific situations to look out for though. If there’s a notable amount of debris on the carpet (pet hair, drywall dust, etc), a vacuum is sometimes needed. Of course I pride myself to be a custom service adjusting to whatever the situation may warrant. If there are specific needs please ask, I love to help the Marietta and West Cobb community that I’m so proud to be a part of.

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